Welcome to the Taipei Hackerspace

The Taipei Hackerspace is an open and public workshop to do any kind of DIY projects, from electronics to 3D printing, from urban farming to clothes hacking.

Old or seldom used:

These individuals and organizations contributed to the Hackerspace, in services, material, or tool. Thank you!

AskMorris Enspyre OSSLab Inhon CTimes CTimes MobileGeeks Via Eiger

How to get to us?

Our address is:

Taipei Hackerspace
4F, No. 26, Lane 133, Taiyuan Rd.
Taipei 103 Taiwan

In Chinese: 103台北市太原路133巷26號4樓

We are on Google Maps.

Our phone number is +886-2-2550-7630.

Public transport options:


当方は常駐者がおらず、また居ても中国語話者が殆どで言葉が通じにくいことがあります。参観をご希望の際は、いつごろいらっしゃるかお心づもりを事前に Facebook などでご連絡を頂けると、当方メンバーの都合をつけやすく大変助かります。是非ご協力お願いします。

Checking who's in the hackerspace...

The space is open to everyone if someone is there. Keyholders: let people know you are at the space here.

To know if someone is there, just call 02 2550 7630 or ring the doorbell.

Hackerspace webcam by Yusuke (with photo archive):
Taipei Hackerspace Webcam

You can also check the calendar or schedule a visit.

You can also help us keep the Hackerspace running by donating Bitcoin to the 1386nJBU5xV5gdR9pMAea2wRSz6rz4apFu address! Thank you!
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